Tuesday, September 6, 2011

With the encouragement of several friends and colleagues from all over, here is my first effort on a blog.

The primary reason for this blog is due to the fact that I really have no good reason to complain about anything of significance in my life. I am married to an absolutely fabulous bride of 20+ years (that still tickles my fancy and makes me feel like a love sick teenager), 3 great kids that are just as warped as me. (You'll get to know more about that later on.)  Yet, I cannot say that I have the flexibility and means, no matter how humble my desires to do what I want and feel I should be doing with my life, even more so I cannot say that I am living or for that matter that I have the capacity with my current skills and situation to "live my life on purpose".

Since my mid-thirties I have felt a deep seated need and motivation to do something of greater value for others, or more precisely to create some enduring value "for humanity".  My personal mission statement for over 10 years has now been....

"It is my intention and purpose to create real enduring value for others."

I can see the need to update that in the future to "It is my intention and purpose to create real enduring value for humanity."

To create the changes in my life that will be necessary to get from where I am currently to where I am living "Life on Purpose" a few pieces of the puzzle are going to need to be found or rediscovered to be able to put together the resources and means to effect "the move from importance to significance"*.

This is the purpose of this blog.  To share with you the marvelous journey that is mine while I make the changes necessary in my life to get from where I am to where I can live with purpose and intensity eventually arriving at the point where I will not ponder a life "with my music still within me."

I will elaborate more as I find my keys and strokes to pound out a message that will hopefully inspire a few, garner some feedback from others or at bare minimum, entertain a few souls who can appreciate my rather different and definitively a bit odd perspective.

*Zig Ziglar

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