Thursday, September 22, 2011

Less is sometimes more.

   There is a way of life that goes back mellenia that is focused on quality, not quantity.  Here in America, it does not seem so prevalent that would respect or even revere those who chose to live very simply.  In many parts of the world there is grace and acceptance for those who chose to live outside the concepts of collecting or possessing material goods.

   I am not advocating that we become hermits.  There is a place and need for them who hear this calling.  Without them, we would not be able to see the contrast to our own lives or the lives of those around us.  It's been several years now when I was making very good money working for a dealership.  I worked constantly and had very little time for myself or my family.  We had gathered around us a nice collection of stuff and the large debts associated with it.

   For some reason that I cannot remember exactly, Colette (my wife) and I began considering the consequences of our income decreasing even by just a third.  We got scared!  It wasn't the fear of losing the stuff that we had amassed.  It was the fear of losing our home, being leashed to a terrible task master (read "debt") and not being able to escape.  We made some tough choices and put ourselves on a dramatic financial diet to eliminate debt.  Even at the expense of getting rid of a lot of "stuff".

   We feel very blessed.  We were well into this mode when the economy failed and the automotive industry took a very hard hit.  The position that I held no longer exists and my current income, four years later still has not made it back to half of what it was.  I am not complaining!  In fact, we are rejoicing that we were able to keep our home and learn some amazing life lessons.  We may not have the stuff we used to but, we have a quality of life we never had before now that debt is not our motivating factor in our professional endeavors.

   I can only imagine what our lives would be like if we realized that outside of a home, debt had no place in our married lives at a much earlier stage in our marriage.  I can tell you that we enjoy an amazing life together, great relationships with our children and time spent around the little fire pit in our back yard whether roasting marshmallows or hot dogs or just tending the flame is some of the most valuable time in my week.  I cannot imagine spending 65 plus hours at work again!

  When I tell you this it is because I believe that as Americans we have been sold the wrong dream.  I believe that we have let the banks, big business and advertising convince the masses that indentured service is the norm and what we want!!!  Indentured servants were classified as slaves in the new world!  I see no difference now that we are approaching our own freedom.  We have focused hard and will do all we can to eliminate all debt outside of our home by the early next year.  If you have not been there is sometime, take a minute to imagine it.  There is quite a weight lifted and a much greater sense of well being.

   More importantly,  you will have the the freedom to make dramatic changes in your lives when all of your time is no longer owned by the banks.  Do you really want to know that most of the work you perform is not for the benefit of anyone but the banks?  Do you realize that you selling your freedom and your time when you go into debt?  I may sound extreme. It's not intentional, it is simply an observation of my own life.

   What dream have you bought into?  Who's dream is it?  The path you are taking right now, does it fulfill or lead to a life "on purpose"?

   I ask questions, you need not answer them here or you can.  Either way, I hope that my efforts and my realizations my bless the lives of those who read and consider.

Peace to you and purpose for your days!

Billy B.



  1. Debt is a hard task master! My husband works in the automotive industry as well (though as an accountant) ans we have felt blessed to have him keep his job. Especially since we are working to pay off debt. Great post!

  2. Something bring more rewards than others. Paying debt off seems to be one that brings many more rewards!