Monday, September 26, 2011

Is your Positive attitude good or bad?

   There are many perspectives out there.  I encountered one not to long ago that told me my Positive outlook did not allow me to see things as they were.  I have pondered this for a while.  Let's see if you agree with me or this individuals point of view.

   I believe that cultivating a positive outlook is essential to making the most of things.  I do my best to be grateful to God/Creation for such a bountiful world and for so many glorious days and opportunities!  I have found that by believing the best of others I am often times right.  It appears to be that when I expect the worst of others, more often than I would like, I am right.  Most of all, by expecting and looking for the blessings in each day I find them scattered all around me poking me in the ribs with belly laughs of joy, tickling my eyes with beauty, bending my ears with the sweet sounds of nature and blessing me with many opportunities to connect with others around me to see the world through their eyes for just a moment.  How glorious it all is!  When expecting challenges and trails, it is amazing how many "issues" make themselves known.

   Now his suggestion was that by being overly optimistic, I do not see what is, being a realist was his statement.  Dealing with the pure facts was how he said one could make the best decisions and make the most of everything.  Their are times when being brutally honest with oneself is necessary, I agree.  This avoids self delusion.  At the same time, Life is not a mathematical forula.  It cannot be reduced to numbers, It is not a problem to be solved.  This is my view.  I have firm convictions based on my experience that Life is more of an adventure that must be lived and participated in!

   If I were to be brutally honest with myself about life, then I would suggest that I, like most spend way to much time worrying about stuff that simply does not matter anyways.  To be a realist in the truest sense, would that mean stating that we, as humans, have become obsessed with artificial beliefs that our man made world of stress and self imposed importance is just pomp and circumstance?

   What's your read?  Do we need to have a negative view of the world or a positive one?  Is there a line somewhere in the middle?  As for me,  living at peace and being reconciled with being a part of the whole "feels" right.  By "feels" I would suggest something like how one "feels" with a dousing rod.

   May you be able to "feel" your way to greater connection with life and to a "Life on Purpose".

Billy B.

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