Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beauty and Grace.

   As I sit and ponder the difference between reality and what is, it strikes me that there can be quite a disparity   Reality is our perception, or as Tibetan Buddhists would suggest, the reflection of our inner world.  What is is that which is not subject to our perspective, our filters and lenses that we create through our belief systems or viewpoints.

   "Arrogant is the man that thinks he can define God." in other words.  We exist because of God/Creation.  Not the other way around.

   I look at the picture about and realize that all that immense beauty and space is just a particle in this world's whole and not even a speck in this universe and not even an imperceptible glance in the galaxy.  Yet for the moment it was here, it was. No blindness or vision created it or can define it.

   Beauty is and can be without perception and yet is there for those who will see.

   May you find beauty and grace where you did not expect.  May you be without struggle and grief.

Billy B

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