Friday, September 23, 2011

Just a quick thought.

This evening as I sit here preparing for bed. I realize just how blessed I am and need to write my thoughts down.

It amazes me the blessings I have received in my life. More so than I have ever merited of myself. Every day I meet people that amaze me. Who despite my best assumptions prove that people in general are really not as shallow as I believe. Who do have cinvictions that life is about more than just themselves. Who have an appreciation for those who listen to their hearts and are willing to consider the possibility of a greater cause.

It is my dream, my wish and my purpose to serve humanity is whatever capacity God will allow. I desire to create an organization or team of people who believe that we must do all we can to find and live "Life on Purpose" then when it is our time to pass baton we will not have our music still trapped within us.

How to get from where I am to where the difference maker reigns? It is not recognition or titles I seek. It is to in some way to create real enduring value for humanity.

Who's with me?

Be it the voice of commonsense in family finance or the voice of encouragement to "see" beyond one'self or even possibly to get those who will listen to consider broader horizons for their current perspective in a bigger picture world.

For those who can understand or can sympathize with my vision. Help me lay out the path or see the way to fulfilling this vision and to help people move from (as Zig Ziglar puts it) importance to significance.

Peace be unto you and yours.

Billy B

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