Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Horizons of perspective.

   Why must we feel the need to define ourselves?  To invest a portion of who we believe ourselves to be into stuff, or titles, or relationships or event control over someone else?

  To know ourselves is to realize that none of this defines us.  We are not any of these or any myriad of possible things.  No title or name can define you, no possession explains you, no office or authority given by man determines your value or your capacity.  You are a creation of the eternal!  You are a portion of creation it'self and here to participate in creation!

   Each day you live and experience you are stretching creation that much further.  You are an instrument of creation and inseparable from the whole!

  It has been said that there are 2 levels of Enlightenment.  The first is Self Realization.  This is where you begin to see and be your part in the bigger picture.  The second is God Realization.  This is where the boundaries between yourself and creation begin to blur and you take your true place in the whole.

   I am yet unable to imagine the second and have to make efforts each day just to glimpse my place within each day.  How marvelous the view!  I am but a participant in the creation of each new day and my smallness in this big picture is empowering!  It empowers me to be free from predetermination, judgments, and assumptions about who or what I am or should be.  For now it suffices to simply be and be there while it is happening!

   May the horizons of your current perspective expand!  May you find great peace within the larger picture.

Billy B

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