Monday, September 19, 2011

It's what you've done, not what you have.

     When it comes to the end of your life.  I have spoken with several and it feels completely right.  It is what you have done and the relationships that you have forged in your life that will matter.  What you have owned or possessed will not matter all that much.

     After my wife and went through some major financial changes in our lives about a decade and a half ago, we came up with the phrase that "As a family, we will spend more on doing and less on having."  You'll probably notice that it does not mention money.  It is only one of several things that we can "spend".  Money can be replaced. Win it, lose it, spend it or earn it.  It can always be replaced should you truly chose to.  Time however, cannot.  Which are you more careful with?  Time or money?

     My yard usually looks good yet is never the neatest yard in the neighborhood.  I am not critical or judging anyone for their yard or home or such.  I am simply stating that I have made a choice.  Time with my wife and kids is of greater value to me than a perfect yard.

     What is your favorite activity with the ones you care about?  If you could restructure your life some to make a few changes about how and where you got to spend some of your time, how would it change?  What is really stopping you from doing it?  

     What relationship will you connect with today that perhaps you have not for a while?

     Remember, living is a shared experience.  The more you share, the more you really live.  May you live a little more today.

Billy B

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