Thursday, September 29, 2011

Self Doubt

   I know within my heart that there is so much more I can do, achieve and be.  So why do I doubt myself?  It amazes me still that the greatest limiting factor in my life is my own beliefs.

   You would think that just by knowing that such is the case, it would be simple to overcome.  I once saw a sign that said "We all make mistakes.  The first time it's a mistake and once you know, if you do it again, it's a choice."  I like that.  A little harsh but, completely correct.

  So, knowing it's easy to change our programming, why is so hard sometimes.  There are certain moments when I encounter incorrect or unacceptable thinking or perspectives in myself and I change my mind, that's it! Done.  And then there are moments like these where I realize what has been holding me back from living my life much more "on purpose" and restraining my successes and if feels like a big vat of mud that I have to wade across  just to make the change.

   I do not claim to be a master of wisdom.  I only have an affinity for it and love the "Ah Ha!" moments that give me direction and clarity.  I do challenge myself everyday to apply some of it.  To quote an old Buddhist something or other that I read somewhere sometime (well, if you don't know, you don't know, right?) "It does not matter where you started or where you are going.  It only matters the step you are taking right now."

  I would love to hear from some of you, if you do not wish to post, message me.  How do we clear the mortar of a poor thought process that is a "cling-on" and reset the new brick and mortor of a positive thought process?

  May we all find joy in our hearts.  May we all look in our hearts today to see the joy that is already there!

Billy B.

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  1. First let me say that I love your Favicon!

    About your post, I have the same issue. I think all of us have times where we don't think we are good enough (I sometimes feel like I have them more than others) reading posts like this really help me remember who I am. I also like to look back at times in my life were I was really happy. Then I think about what was so great about those times and get there again. Talking helps, and writing helps. Most importantly I just tell myself It's not going to be the end of everything if I have a bad day. I just need to get it together and move forward.

  2. Thank you, both. I really try to put my heart and soul into this in hopes that it will move me towards being "on purpose."