Sunday, September 25, 2011

Family rituals of value.

   There should be certain givens within each family that are just expected.  No matter how much anyone loves to complain, that should just happen.  The pic above is not ours, it simply is one of those givens that we want to have.  Regular family trips, dragging a small sailboat behind and finding places to spend time sailing, sitting around the campfires roasting our marshmallows and hot dogs.  The rituals we have are great, so great that we want more! Don't you?

   So, what are some of our family rituals?  For us, each Sunday morning, it's breakfast as a family.  Be it waffles, pancakes, coffee cake or crepes.  It doesn't matter, grumpy, sick or afflicted everyone is expected to be there at the table once it's set.

   Connections, some could call it communion. It's what we do. It's how we stay in touch with each of the kids and each other.  We joke and make fun of each other, we make fun of the cooking, we have marvelous recipes that everyone expects and begs for.  My wife's INCREDIBLE buttermilk suryp is do die for!  The kids will gang up on me and demand crepes and then we sit around the table experimenting with different ingredients to see who can role the craziest crepe!  This is our good time.  Our time to enjoy each others company.  Food fights do happen!

   What is your family ritual?  Why do you do them?  We have a firepit out back that get's a lot of use.  hang out, watch the flames just to see who the smoke is following tonite.

   Of all the things I have had the privilege of doing in my life.  These are the things that matter.  Those moments I would not trade for money, success or adventure!  I have plans for greater such moments.  My wife and I would love to have a Tuscan style meeting area in our back yard, to hang with friends and family, to create greater ambiance.  Don't really care at what pace it happens, 2 hours or 2 days.  It's that it happens that matters most!

  May you share such moments with those you love.  May you make greater connections and new bonds with others so that you may have more people to share your rituals with!  Either way, create and have your rituals and SHARE!

Love, the goofy guy in the back yard down the street laughing a little to loud and having fun with others.  Wish you were here.

Billy B.


  1. First, let me just say that I LOVE the design! great job :)

    As far as family traditions go, on saturday morning my dad used to wake us up blasting the Beatles and making Norweign Pancakes (similar to crepes). I got so sick of "All you need is Love" and couldn't stand to eat that breakfast for years, but it is a memory I will never forget.

  2. Awesome! Who knows, maybe one day you will like certain Beetles songs again!