Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Self Evident Life.

It always amazes me how many people find the concept of a Self Evident Life as something new or novel!  The basis of the it all is very simple. If Creation, God, whatever title you chose insert here ______, saw the value in having you here now, then you are here and that value is immense.  So much so that it cannot be measured or even grasped by all of us that are in the human state.   This value is so high, that you or I or anyone for that fact, cannot by simple deed or words increase or diminish that value. If it were not so, then by simple deed or word, you could simply vanish!  I doesn't happen.

Your life is Self Evident!  It needs no justification.  You need not waste time trying to justify it, earn titles for it or trying to prove any inherent value or even worse, any lack of value that you believe, see or perceive!

Imagine, if you will, what kind of a world this would be if people no longer felt the need prove their worth (or lack there of). A world where no one needed to add titles to their name, where no one needed to take charge and prove something or prove the value or lack of value they see in themselves.  Where we do not need together and say goodbye to those who have taken their own lives because they could not see the it for themselves! Or, because of those who feel they must take life or exercise power over others just to feel important or superior to others.

There is only one way to get there, it starts with us.  Are we courageous enough to go there?  Can we accept the responsibility of acknowledging our own self worth because once we do, we must acknowledge the worth of everyone else around us.  No one of us can be any greater than anyone else if we understand the basic law of the Self Evident Life.

Peace and good karma to you and those you meet this day.  May you see the immense value that is you!  May you see it in everyone you meet.

Billy B

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