Friday, September 23, 2011

The real test.

   There will be times in any substantial relationship, be it marriage, best friends or otherwise when you know that you love them, for the time being however, you do not like them.  The real test is how you behave during these times.

   Let's face it.  The greatest travails and the greatest blessings we can ever experience during our lifetime will come from our most important relationships. Whether is is our spouse, significant other, best friend, child, parent, boss, mentor or any other important relationship.  The biggest challenge is of course, do we have the courage to act based on the love that we know is there (even if it's hiding behind the noise and distraction of the moment) or do we succumb to the prevailing emotions of the moment.

   Living in the moment is a lesson we can all learn when it comes to increasing the quality of life we experience, it does not mean that we should live our lives ignoring the consequences of our actions.  There will be moments for each and every one of us when interacting with loved ones or others that will feel like the situation demands an immediate response.  Most of the time the more the situation feels like it demands immediate action, it is exactly the wrong thing to do.  In other words, take a step back, breathe and consider the outcome and long term effects of your actions or words.  I believe quite firmly that most of the time, no response or a subtle response with garner the best outcome for all involved.

  For some reason, as humans. When we feel wronged, there is a desire to inflict pain, usually emotional to others, particularly those we chose to blame.  Why?  Does it really help?

   I can only speak from my personal experiences.  I know that from the advise of someone I know well and who has proven wiser than myself in many situations, I have been blessed to see how just letting a situation play out on it's own  at times has been the far better answer than to react.

   Imagine living in a world where snap judgments were the exception and not the rule!  Imagine living knowing that even on your worst days, months or even when you had that year dealing your own identity crisis, you were loved, accepted and appreciated just for being.  Do you have the courage to do that for the ones you love even when they do not behave as if they love you?

   Is it easy?  No, anything with such rewards and blessings at stake cannot be easy.  Is it worth it?  Only you can answer that.  I will suggest that you will never know until you do and when you do,  a better life and greater blessings awaits!  Even should the one you love not follow through on their end, such things do not go unrewarded in the grand scheme of things.

  May you accept someone simply as they are today that you would normally not and in return may you find greater blessings in this day and the days to come!

Billy B

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