Monday, September 12, 2011

Anxiety, a self fullfilling prophesy.

Hello Everyone,

While my lovely wife and I were driving to and from a family reunion we both found ourselves mentally wondering off to the stresses and potential complications of the coming week.  At one point and time I broke out in laughter at the whole of the situation!

I already had prepared my plan of action and priorities for this morning and I knew that there was nothing that I could do more that would be effective or helpful until today arrived.  Why do we remove ourselves from the moment and create anxiety or stress over situations that are not even here yet?  How many times in the past have I created so much worry that I was no longer able to properly deal with the situation when it did arrive?  Even worse, how many times do we sabotage a situation that would have normally just worked itself out yet instead we invented, created a belief of things amiss or even completely misread a situation over our own paranoid mental dialogs?

I would like to believe that I am the only one that has done this to myself, I know though from experience that many times in life I have had to spend time helping others calm down or see through their own self created misgivings about a situation just because, as humans, we cannot let go of anxieties and bad self dialog.  Having spent the last 20 plus years working with the public.  I get to see the best and worst of society's paranoia and idiosyncrasies.

As far as I have been able to tell, the only thing we accomplish by not letting go of the future is to ruin the current moment.  My wife and I being new business owners, it's easy to say "Yeah, but!" and justify it. Yet we would have allowed it to completely mess with and distract us from a great time with relatives and friends.

How sad would that have been?  It is my genuine hope that we can all let go of the past (we can't change it, too late), the future (worrying only makes the present and the future worse) and all the "ifs" that really don't matter anyways!  Live!  Let go!  and just be present!  I firmly believe that we will find out that most things will work them selves out if we let them.

With love, hope and courage I wish you all the best possible day.

Billy B

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