Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A fine line between participation and investment.

    Last night as I was getting ready to head out and visit with a couple good friends from Highschool for some dinner and such when I got a call from my oldest.  He had broken down and is about 90 miles away in the next county where he has found a good job and an apartment with a friend.  Sadly, his car had broken down and left him stranded on his way home from work.

   He was quite upset.  Understandably so, and was taking it pretty hard as his newer job is not that tolerant of travel problems associated with getting to and from work.  Considering other trials that had come his way recently, he was feeling picked on.  Did his car plan this to mess with him?  Did things conspire against him?  Of course not!  So why do we treat it like they are?

   I can tell you that I have many times in my life and will still do it on occasion.  Not intentionally, it's just that we lose perspective or lose sight of the big picture.  It's not personal, we can be involved without investing our personal worth in a situation.  In other words.  We can enjoy and participate without feeling like it's all about us.

   When we can keep this level of separation then it becomes clear that it is just a situation and there are different possible actions and outcomes.  Sometimes there is no action required no matter how much it seems like the situation demands action.  The more urgent and important the situation pretends to be, usually the less action is required for the best possible outcome.  It's the subtle ones that can get you!

   One of my favorite quotes is "Keep on keepin' on."  Staying the course of consistent good action get's you further in the long run than heated sprints and allows you to keep a clearer perspective.

   Yes, we still have to find a solution to his transportation needs and we are a family that no longer believes in using credit for anything except a home.  Time to be creative!

   That's OK!  We are happy that this is a great opportunity for him to learn that it's just a situation to reckon with.  It does not define him nor is it him in anyway.

   The question then is how do we make the separation in our lives between what is happening and who we are?  First, we have to learn not to invest any of our self worth into things, titles, situations or anything.  This is part of living a Self Evident Life.  Just by being here, we know that our life is already justified and we no longer have to waste anymore time on trying to prove our worth or justify our existence.  So, we are not defined by anything other than our own perception.  Secondly, live accordingly.  That means live!  Live in such a way that  it is no longer about you.  This simple change in behavior will give your life amazing power and clarity.

   Do not take my word for this, do it and try to prove me wrong!  I firmly believe that you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Love and admiration for all of you,
Billy B

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