Sunday, March 18, 2012

Passion for Purpose.

   This morning I got creative with breakfast. Made a goodly sized pot of quinoa.  Took a large can of peaches in a sauce pan on the stove, red wine vinegar, brown sugar and some spices (cinnamon, coriander and a pinch of all-spice)  reduced it down.  Put a little bit of cream in the quinoa and stirred it all up.  Mmmmm...  pretty good if I must say so.  Everyone in the house liked it too!

   I should have taken a picture or two... didn't think about it until now. ;D

   The skies have been marvelous to watch the last couple of days.  Meditation has had some real gems come to the surface a long with a few that seemed more like school work.  My lovely bride and I celebrated 22 years of marriage this last week!  What a fabulous woman! I truly do not deserve such blessings.

   It's a genuine pleasure to have a muse.

   What inspires you?  Is there someone that, even when not there seems to be the reason why you get up and get going?  Do you find that there are people in your life that, if not there, whether we like it or not, we would not be as good of people as we are?  Is this really bad, in the long run?  I can't imagine how having people that we want to serve and be there for could be anything but good in the bigger picture.

   I pray that those around you appreciate you and your sincere efforts to be all you can for them.  I pray that you will not let go of the faith they have in you.  Even more, I have faith in you.  There is purpose in you being here and I know that you will create great value in your daily living.

Peace, tranquility and passion be yours.

Billy B


  1. Hi Willy, your breakfast sound marvelous, mind if you share some picture when you next make this?

    Congratulation on your 22nd wedding anniversary.
    I believe for a long lasting marriage we have to be patience, give and take, appreciate each other,understanding & trust, be what and who we are, do not try to changed each other.

    A caring heart, a listening ear,
    A thoughtful word, a gentle tear.
    A big part of loving is listening.

    P/S Sorry not being able to visit your last few posting. I'll catch up later.
    Have a beautiful week ahead. regards to you and yours.

  2. Thank you! I will be happy to share some photos. I will make a mental note of taking some pictures.
    the best relationships seem to come from mutual acceptance and love. ;D

  3. My soul mate is very often the reason I get up out of bed. It's not too far-fetched to say he is the reason for my breathing!

    Happy 22nd. I am always pleased to hear of long-lasting relationships. I never believed in love until I met Ray, and he reminds me that there are couples out there who are still deeply in love with each other even after having been together a long time, and that love can last if both work at it.

  4. That is GREAT to hear. There is no power in creation like that of True Love! ;D