Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here is gone.

   What is observed changes everything.

   Once you take time to pay attention to the details of your daily life, you will realize that what you think has been going on, is not what you have really been doing.  Do you have the courage to track what you do and how much time you spend on each activity in a day?  What do you think you will learn about what is important to you versus what you believe is important to you?

   Do you spend time on validating the critical relationships in your life or do you just rely on them and lean on those relationships for comfort and security?  Do you give time to effective action or do you give your time to mundane action?  Is "comfort zone" a crippling affliction or do you willingly push yourself to do what is hardest to do each day early on so that you do not have to hide in the minutia of daily activity or habits?

   Tough questions I know.  I am asking these of myself right now and realizing that perhaps the lack of growth I have experienced in certain areas of my life over the last 6 months might very well be completely self inflicted.


    I thought I would share this video with you you.  I like to believe that to become such a master of anything, there has to be an elimination of internal resistance.  I cannot imagine that Andy McKee would ever have learned to play like this if he was concerned with what was or wasn't possible.

    The ultimate goal of every individual who wishes to get to the next level of living or of being in their own life is to move beyond the internal conflict that comes from trying to define, mentally, who we are.  The meaning of life is to live! Right?  A more defined answer would be: The meaning of life is to live life well.

    Can you live life well if your actions are self motivated all the time?  Or can you experience more when helping others to have a life that meets their needs as well as creating greater meaning?  For some this could be through creative arts such as music, video, art or action.  I cannot say that I don't live vicariously through many thrill seekers that fill youtubes annals with entertainment.

   For others this value can be created through the skills they have developed or mastered in life such as teaching, leading, accounting or even just living in a certain way no matter what their vocation.

   Truly we are only limited by our beliefs and our imaginations. I know why I am where I am in my career because the responsibilities I have accepted in providing for my family.  I also now realize that perhaps I also have restricted creation and life from providing perhaps other avenues to provide for my family and still create value on a different scale.  Was it fear of failure and consequences of failure or was it limiting beliefs?  Was it a combination of both?

   Many of you that visit my little corner of electronic ether space are writers.  Writers with immense talents and gifts that have much to share with the world.  Do any of your beliefs restrict or limit your influence or our potential to grow your published and read works?  Do you have any fears that could stymie actions or efforts that could put you out there before the world?  Is the power and belief in your message strong enough that you are willing to overlook rejection and put it in front of the entire world in hopes that it will be of benefit to those who will receive it?

   May each one of you find the courage to face your own inner conflicts.  The courage to look more closely at who your actions and devotions say you are so that you can become who you would believe yourself to be or should be.  The only thing that prevents you from being more than what currently you are is you and your perceptions, your compromises within your own believe systems.

   Today is an amazing gift that will repay you an hundred fold if you will just look it in the eyes and ask, what can I do for today that no one else can?  How can I be the best possible me that today could every meet?

Peace, love, presence and gratitude be yours.

Billy B


  1. This is a beautifully written piece. The thoughts beautiful. Thank you.

    You know, before I write anything.. I ask God what it is he wants to be written. Because I know that everything is for a reason... for self, for someone, for the big wide world out there. And then I write with the honesty that I feel. Short or long it really doesn't matter. Only when I am finished do I see God's message. Now I wait because I know it was meant for something. Or someone. And I do not worry about rejection. Because I feel that rejection simply means that the message is not meant for him or her but somebody else. True enough it happens. The message gets through... to a dozen people or maybe just one. Sometimes it's meant for me.

    I'm sharing this with you because I feel that it is no longer my beliefs (..Do any of your beliefs restrict or limit your influence or our potential to grow your published and read works?..) but the work I feel am asked to do for Him .... as His channel of blessings to others.

    I don't get even ten or twenty readers in the blog.. lucky if I get five. But many or few are just numbers. What means so much more is when a total stranger comes by the blog, reads and says he understands. The Divine at work.

    Keep writing your thoughts. You write very well. God must be smiling a lot mightily pleased with your work! :-) Blessings!

  2. Hi WiilyB, sorry not being able to drop by your blog lately. Will catch up your other posting later.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thought, love what you share today. And many thanks for the video, will watch it when I'm back home this evening.

    I'm a bit tight up with work now, will read your thoughts again tonight.
    Have a beautiful day.

  3. Hi Wily
    Absolutely beautifully written piece as ever. Your words are always so poetic. *bliss sigh*

    Thanks for taking the time to share.
    Have an awesome day.xxx