Thursday, March 8, 2012

Test given results still undetermined.

   Today started out marvelous and beautiful.  The weather and my heart is warming up to the nearly spring weather.  I still expect a little snow for this year however, it feels temporary and that in and of itself is hopeful and promising.
   There are always opportunities to learn. Yesterday was one for me.  I have been focusing on being able to move freely among all men (meaning people, no sexist remark intended) and communicate in a pleasing and amiable fashion.  Building my ability to inspire, motivate or communicative important subjects passionately and with conviction.  Being able to turn conversations around to be involving and interesting to others.  In essence, being non ego-centric in my personal conversations.

   Of course, to test this, I had one remarkable individual who seemed to have just the right chemistry of character to push it all to the limits.  Of course, test given, the results are still pending.  I did not loose my cool.  Very good.  Still mulling over what I can learn from the test that was given.


   I've always heard that it's the journey, not the destination. I agree.  Sometimes it is the very act that is it's own reward.  Perhaps it's the strength earned and given from the exercise and not always some deeper meaning or lesson that is the reward.

   I will chalk this one up to experience gained and do my best to listen to any epiphanies that come along.

   My prayer is peace unto you, a life rich with experience and wisdom to listen to recognize and listen to good lessons when they come your way.

Billy B

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  1. *sighs* I feel like I'm tested every day. Sometimes I learn from them and sometimes I just don't understand the lesson. But I'm still here, holding on for the next lesson, and hopefully, I will get it right today.

    Have a great weekend!