Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The worth of a soul.

   Many of you by now are aware that I have a preference for stormy or troubled skies.  They are just much more exciting and romantic than a clear blue sky.  Not that clear skies do not have their place, they simply do not inspire me or hold my attention much.  Life is messy and messy skies mirror that belief.  There is great art, power and experience in messy skies.

   Most of you are also aware that I have a deep conviction about the worth of souls.  The inherent value of life, of the lives of men.  The intrinsic value of being alive for me is irrefutable proof of the need for you to be right here right now.  This value is greater than any one of us and this value translates into something sacred that deserves respect and consideration.  I would suggest that one of the greatest way to not respect the life that we have been given is to do nothing with it.

   I have no qualms about anyone living quietly or not being dramatic or adventurous.  There are souls who's very purpose and who most completely fulfill their lives by being who they are, where they are without the need or desire for grandiosity or visible struggle.  We might say the silent strong types who hold the fabric of families and society together from behind the scenes or at least outside of common observation.

  There are some who are created to be bigger than life, there are some who are influencers and some who are creators, some who are healers and some who are anchors and rocks for those around them.  There is a unique path and purpose for each and everyone of us. Those of us here and those of us to follow.

   One thing I do know is that Jesus was much more specific about how we should treat others.  The Golden Rule and his statement "I am no respecter of persons." go hand in hand for me.  Meaning, every one is an equal and get's treated as and equal.  Sadly, we as a society create through preferential reasoning and habits a hierarchy within society itself.  Those who are born in certain conditions are given better opportunities and options than those who are not. Then we wonder why so many more of those with options and opportunities do so much more in most cases.  Do we really understand that the reason so many people are products of their environment is because we let them?  Every man must chose for himself whether he will make use of his opportunities, yes.  However, how many people grow up believing that they are not worthy of opportunity because of the subversive casting that we have created within the very fabric of society?

   Perhaps a different question is in order.  Do we have the right to stand by and not attempt to change things that we know are not fair and justified for our fellow men when our basic needs are not only met, they are exceeded?  We can complain about what travesties we feel have been done to us when our homes have food in them, we have climate controlled housing, and reasonably good education available to us for free or within very reasonable means?

   I challenge you to take a look at the blessings of your own life and then consider the many individuals within our own communities that are lacking many of the basics we take for granted.  How many people do you know that are struggling despite their best efforts?  Have you ever gone down to the homeless shelter for teens and adolescents and helped out?  How many of them deserve being homeless or unaccepted by their families?

   Let's assume for just a minute that you made in your youth some lifestyle choices that did not line up with your parents perspectives and belief systems.  Would you have deserved to be put out in the streets?  Let's say your were in a family of bankers and wanted to be an artist?  Perhaps a member of an Orthodox Jewish family and decided you wanted to be a Christian or had different life role expectations, sexual alignments or anything?  Do any of these things make you any less of a human being or of any less valuable to creation or society?  The answer is, of course "No."  Even if we are not comfortable with whatever the subject upon which the difference is made.  Their life is no less sacred or valued by God or Creation than yours.  The title does not matter, the name by which you call the powers that be is not the point here. It's the worth of a soul.  The soul of a human being.

  I also challenge you to find just one more way that you can make a difference in the lives of others.  Just one more way that perhaps you can stand up and help right injustice, no matter what the topic or who the victim.  When considering the freedoms we have in this great country of ours, do we have the right to let those selfsame freedoms be denied to any one within our boundaries or influence?

  No not everyone will make the right decisions about their freedoms.  Some will chose to do things that will harm others.  Some will just be selfish and self centered no matter what.  Their actions do not negate your life purpose, your blessings or your rights.  Their actions do not prevent or justify any of us from doing what we can do to make sure that every citizen of this country, this life and this race, our race have every opportunity to find and live their purpose for being.

   Peace, love and a well lived life to you. And because of you may these blessing come to those around you.

Billy B.

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  1. Great post. I love when you say Life is messy and comparing it to troubled skies.