Monday, February 20, 2012

A warm and comfortable bed.

  It was a cold morning. High teens for temperatures.  My bed was very warm and it was more challenging that I would like to admit to climb out and start getting ready.  In no way do I mean that I do not feel that today is a great day, it is!  I am very happy and excited for today.  I am just saying that my bed was very nice and warm. ;D

  It is also my lovely bride's, birthday and I will be taking her out this evening for a nice dinner.

  I do my best to ensure that there is something worth reading for you each and every time that I create an entry.  It is my conviction that there is purpose in creating value, even if it something small, for others each and every day.

  What do you do that creates value in a altruistic way?  Do you find it fulfilling to do so?  I believe in the character building nature of non self centered activities.  Non ego-centric living is critical to the evolution of our species.  The time has come that we as a species must evolve beyond our current mode d'operatum, facon de vivre if we wish for world and our race to survive.  Should we continue to act as we do, without concern for the consequences of our actions, without consideration for impact or influence of our actions, words and deeds, then we are no better than the animals that will eat a food source into extinction.

  The difference is that we have enough awareness and presence to realize that there is consequences and  outcomes from our actions and decisions.  As a race and as individuals we should realize that there are long term results and implications to our words as well.  I wish I would have learned that as young man instead of waiting until my late teens to realize this important lesson.

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  I would encourage each and everyone to listen carefully to the words we share with others.  I have no problem with humor and or fun among friends.  Few love puns and wordplay as much as I do.  I also know how the thoughtless words of others can harm the self esteem and self worth of another.

  My you find great joy in today. In having a warm and wonderful home to return to and share that knowledge and be thankful for it in such a manner that those within your home know it also.  Gratitude is contagious.

Smiles, love and a nice warm bed to you and yours.



  1. I so agree that the words we use can either create a lot of value, or create a lot of harm. (Or just take up space. :)) I don't always succeed, but I try to make mine count for good every time.

    My hubby is taking his bride out to dinner for her birthday today, too! :D I hope you have a great time!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a GREAT evening! ;D

  3. Being grateful changes everything. I try to create something of value with my words, though it doesn't have to be earth-shattering value. I also create value when I teach restorative yoga -I take people to a place of comfort and relaxation. AFter my class last week, a woman said, "that was so wonderful. I just feel like a little kid, like I want to clap my hands because I feel so good." I love that.

  4. Gratitude is contagious. Thanks Billy.

  5. When we give to others we get a good feeling inside. My fiance calls this "enlightened self-interest". We give because it feels good. We are kind to others because it feels good.

    Another thing that's very important is to speak good words to ourselves, too, in our thoughts. We can talk ourselves into gloom if we let it happen!

  6. Words carry so much power.

    I hope your wife had a great birthday.

  7. As I read your middle paragraph, I was reminded of how, now, when we do our grocery shopping both my kids (ages 4 and 1) bring their own tote bags. It's not words they are using, but actions, and believe me, there is nothing cuter than seeing my girls work together to haul their tiny tote bags up the steps into the house.

  8. Very kewell. It's amazing how my wife and I have always talked to our kids, even when they were young, as if they were adults. Because of this our children are very much free thinkers and their own people. We haven't believed in being sheep or followers. For the most part, they emulate that without using our words. Yes, very kewell.