Friday, February 10, 2012

Stormy mornings.

   Here are some photos of the drive in this morning.  I will let you decide which one you like best.  I have always enjoyed the beauty of a storm.  Impressing me with the beauty of Mothernature's presence.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
   I love the moon hidden ever so slightly in the back ground as the clouds roll in.
   Looking out across the duck ponds and mudflats towards the Stansbury Range.
  There is always the motion and movement of life within us.  Sometimes the greatest that anyone could every hope to be is just before or just after the storms that rage within us.  There are some who believe that we should eliminate the storms.  I disagree.  The greater man is the one who recognizes them for what they are, appreciates and accepts them.  Being able to adjust how much they influence those around us and knowing when to ride the tides and when to sit back and watch with the inner eye.
   There cannot be total suppression without risk of backlash.  There cannot be total immersion or you risk losing not only yourself, you risk harm to others.  The greatest individual can experience the ebb and flow without attachment or personal investment.  There is some real glory and tangible art to life when you can feel all of it, being able to stand in the midst without striking out at others or seeking outcomes.

  What do you get out of your storms?  What is the silver lining to the tempests that come up in your life?  How do you know when you are angry and how to you keep from seeking some outcome or attempting to manipulate what is with anger or aggression?

   My sincere desire is to allow others their storms, to participate in mine and not seek to force change or outcomes, to live gloriously and encourage others to do so as well.  That we may all evolve beyond the ego and self centered life.  Only then is the full experience made available to all of us.  May we go there together.

Peace, a full life and a full ride to you and yours.

Billy B

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  1. I really like your last paragraph it is so important that we live and let live. By the way I have missed reading your blog I'm glad I saw this one. I also love storms they are amazing!