Thursday, February 23, 2012

Revelry in a moment.


Today has value in it's essence.
Value is potential in it's most basic form.

Beauty is part of today's framework.
You must observe beauty to know it.

Presence can only be given away.
No one can take it from you.

To perceive value and beauty you must be present.
To be present just simply stop, breathe and see.

A moments breath, a paused glance, a pondering.
And today will come alive for you to revel in.



  1. This is lovely. I'd like to read it at the start of the restorative yoga class I'm teaching tomorrow. Would that be all right with you? I'll give you credit :-)

  2. This is by far one of your best...and the picture is gorgeous, too. By the end of the poem, I was calm, breathing deep and smiling.

    Thanks, WilyBCool.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to just stop and be present. I need that sometimes!