Sunday, February 5, 2012

Freedom and purpose.

  February and January are always crazy busy months for us.  There is about 5 birthdays in Jan. and another 5 I believe in Feb.  Along with the usual business of this time of year we have also added a business that we purchased last year that brings with it a whole lot of extra paperwork as the government feels there just isn't enough of it required for taxes and such.  It feels as if I have neglected the blog and appreciate everyone's continuing to follow despite my less common entries.

   Colette (she is my lovely bride of 22 years) and I had quite a discussion as we drove around taking care of the many little errands that we hadn't had the chance to address in recent times.  We both feel a need to get out of debt and to simplify our lives as much as possible.  The good news is that we are getting closer all the time.  This year we will succeed in eliminating all debt outside of our home.  It's taken 5 years to do it and a lot of sacrifice, sweet and definitely some tears.

   I believe very deeply that American's in general have been sold the wrong dream.  We as a general populous have allowed big business, advertising and the banks convince us that we deserve what we want right now.  By so doing they have convinced us that indentured service is acceptable and the norm.  And should we not do it, we are outcasts and eclectics that are on the fringe of society like there is something wrong with us.  Forget keeping up with the Jones's, each one of us should desire and work for our freedom.

   How many of us could pack up and move tomorrow because we wanted a change?  How many of us could take our current employment should we not feel it is fulfilling or purposeful and walk away knowing that we could afford to take whatever type of employment we desired or chose to?  That is our goal here at House Billy B.  To be able to devote our time, efforts and energy towards whatever cause we feel is deserving.  There is so much good that could be accomplished if we could only dedicate some time and energy to.

   What is your dream?  What must you change in your current economic paradigm to get there?  What are you born to do?  What do you have to change to do what you are driven to do?

   It is my hope and prayer that each and everyone of you get's the opportunity to live your life in just such a way to know what a life on purpose feels like. I pray that you get to live free, not burdened by debt or slave to the debts you have chosen.  I pray that you will meet the great souls that you were meant to inspire, assist and bless.  May you desire freedom enough that you will do what it takes to have it for you and your family.

Love, peace and a heart full of good will to you and yours.

Billy B


  1. Ahem, heeheehee

  2. The husband and I are working toward similar goals this year. :) Eliminating school debt (aside from our car, our only debt), making our home more comfortable, and while I solidify my business plan and career aspirations, he's making a decision about his career path. It feels invigorating.

    Good luck to you and your wife!

  3. We did the whole, get rid of all our debt but the house road a couple years ago-soooooo nice to be on the other side! Kudos to you guys for going through the process!

  4. Thank you for your visits and your comments! ;D