Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A midst it all.

   I had been planning this entry for several days now.  A special message that after some reflection, does not seem so important.  A dear friend called me yesterday after reading the first rendition of my quick entry yesterday and helped me realize that it sounded very Eeyore-ish.  After re-reading it, I realized that it was  true!  How dare I!

   It has always been my goal to help amp up quality of life for others through my content here and the influence of my smile and presence.

   After all, there is a certain smell and taste to life when you wake up on the right side of the bed.  Not that there really is a right side or a wrong side,  just that waking up with a good attitude can change everything! Literally!

   In that spirit I offer this simple prose.

source woodenboat forums

        Imbued Grace

Sampling flavor of early morning's light.
Dawn breaks out illuminating all.
Man, beast, mineral and the like.  
Herein is the revelation of man's place a midst it all.

No one piece of creation is preferred any more or less.
All start equal in the new day.
All are freely given to be a witness.
Who are we to challenge the wisdom of her way?

Is there place in your heart to be part of the whole?
Wherein dawn's rise is the glory to be found?
Birth and new life is the goal.
The new sun is well to rise and cannot be bound.

A gift of creation to you.
A new day dawning.
A new life imbued.
Glory and grace to you is fawning.

Court her with all passion if you will.
Ignore her at your risk.
Blessings a waits your heart to fill.
There is no glory or reward for withholding your kiss.

   I wish for you a great day endearing you with taste, sound and texture.  Do you sense that life renews it'self when you start the day with a positive outlook?  I do.

   Peace, life and love to you and yours.

Billy B


  1. Even the most enlightened awake on the wrong side of bed sometimes.

    This morning I had a hard time pushing myself out of bed. I felt depressed and looked at the clock and realized it was 10:15am. I couldn't believe I had stayed laying around that long. Finally I forced myself up. I opened the curtains and blinds and realized why I was so depressed - it was pouring down rain. Isn't it amazing that I was depressed without even knowing it was raining? I live in an apartment with someone above me so I didn't hear the rain. There must be something in the atmosphere that bodies respond to, so invisible things influence us all the time.

    We just have to give ourselves extra pushes sometimes. We can't be perfect all the time! ...and when we're not perfect we should be gentle and forgiving with ourselves just as we would be with others.

  2. I love that you used the phrase Eeyor-ish. I sound like Eeyore a lot. When I'm down like that and what I'm writing is down, then I try to shake things up. I change my routine. I go to the library, and re-think.

    And I definitely think life renews based on your outlook as soon as you wake in the morning.

  3. Really good insights! Thank you. ;D

  4. I like Eeyore! I think we all feel like him sometimes. :)

  5. Yes, and I find that this can be "re-set" at any point during the day too. The other day, I was very aggravated - too many things to do, too many interruptions, some annoying people :-) As I walked to my car, my arms full of bags and my coffee travel mug and my scarf and yoga mat, I tripped. Over nothing, just tripped. Everything flew out of my hands and I too, flew, and then landed, scraping my hands and knees. But not really hurt. I started to whimper, and then I started to laugh. And that changed everything.