Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rebuilding after falling apart.

   Over this last winter and in particular, the last couple of months, I have faced a new challenge that has never really been a big issue for me until this winter.  I have felt very emotionally run down at times and even demoralized.  This is not typical of me or my nature.  There are all sorts of reasons that could cause it.  After looking at things with a certain amount of consideration, I don't see that exploring what challenge or issue has caused it as being beneficial.  If fact, I believe it could create a concern over dwelling on it more.

  Here is my own advise to me.

1. Don't create your own head games. There is no point in creating drama where in reality, there probably is none in the first place.

2. Be your own motivation and not de-motivation.  There is no reason to doubt the quality or value of you or your talents.  Faith is it's own reward and a bountiful harvest.

3.  When doing your best to not take or make things personal in life, make sure not to make things personal for others either.  Just because I may be afflicted with an occasional bad humor does not mean that I have the right to afflict others.

   Here is the real meat of the matter.  Each and everyone of us has the exact same capacity to benefit ourselves and humanity as we have to be a detriment to ourselves and humanity.  Capacity is capacity in and of it's self and it is not inherently aligned bad or good.  That decision as to how it get's used or applied is up to us.  In the end, it is for this decision ( conscious or unconscious ) that we be accountable for.

   We all have challenges, stress and moments that will try and test us.  It's OK.  It's meant to be that way.  So....... get over it and get your game on.  Always do your best to be the best you can be.  Your best may not always be the same.  Sometimes your best may be just to smile and hold your peace.  Sometimes your best will be earth moving.  It doesn't matter how great your best is each day, only that you give it, be it, live it.

   What do you find is your key to getting over your difficult moments in life?  How do you free yourself from the momentom that negative thinking has?   I know that there is no greater challenge for me to overcome than the mighty one-two punch of boredom and frustration.  It wears on me fiercely sometimes and it can be a hard one to break free from without going to extremes.  I have found that exploring my own gratitude for the blessings in my life is the best method in daily practice where breaking free of routine ( read...  work ) is not always possible or wise.

   My wish for you and yours is that joy is so strong in your lives that it has the power to banish the negative emotions and self criticism.  And when it does not, that you will be awake enough to recognize it and free yourself through conscious  effort and focus.

Peace be unto you and those around you.  Joy be your companion.  Faith in the value and power that creation placed you here for be your guardian angel.

Billy B


  1. Many things I needed to hear. Thanks.

  2. Hi WillyB, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I liked this posting.
    A careless word may kindle strife,
    A cruel word may wreck a life,
    A timely word may lessen stress,
    A loving word may heal and bless.

    To silence gossip, refuse to repeat it.

    Have a nice day.