Monday, December 26, 2011

Extreme simplicity.

  Good morning all!  I sit here going over the last couple of weeks that have passed.  I can see, you know, that hindsight thing, that like most people I have all the ingredients to an absolutely fabulous life.  Even more!  I also realize that I have a lot of anchors that hold me down.  Some of it stuff, the nastiest part is of course what exists between our ears.

  I am so blessed with an amazing wife and wonderful kids.  I have been given enough mental faculties to be able to address each day as it arrives. I also have the ability to love and be loved.

  So like so many, why do I let the drama, meaning problems of the mind and of over thinking life, get in the way of living?  We had so many people over and the opportunity to enjoy the presence of others this last week.  How amazing it all was!  I am so grateful for everyone I know and appreciate all that they bring into our lives.

  Yet, I realize that I find myself yearning for something different.  Why?  I have always been facinated by those who could simplify to the extreme and find great joy in just being, in just living without distractions.  I ask myself, am I capable of such extreme simpleness?  Is there balance that can be found where we live the essential and deal with some of the complexity of modern life?

  I believe the answer to be yes.  Yes, I am capable of simplifying to the extreme.  Yes I am capable of finding balance.  I also know that balance would be better as I am not the only one who relies on me to provide for their needs.  I also know that life is not just about myself and so a hermit's life would not fulfill the purpose for which I have chosen to live.

  I do know that I can make changes that will allow greater simplicity and as such, greater joy and presence of being with less distraction.  Like most, the path is actually quite available and yet like most, I have not taken enough courage to make such changes.  So where does one start?  First, I have to admit. You have to commit to it and then just start moving! Every single day, do something that moves you in right direction.

  How do I know this? Well, I have made major changes in my life before with great success and also had those efforts fail.  It works the same way each time. Change the recipe and get different results.  Stick to the recipe and get the proper results.  Now to apply it to a different goal.  It's time folks.  What do yo want out of life? For those of you who want to write, start by committing to writing every single day at least 5 days a week. For those who wish to speak, talk to others that you meet every single day about what you truly believe in.  Ask for opportunities!  Pursue them as if they are the meals you need to feed your family.  Persistence seasons well a hard fought meal.

  Can you really feel what you want? Does it keep you up at night sometimes?  For those among you who want to see your works on major websites and in major retail outlets, what are you doing each day to get there? Those who wish to create greater environment for family, what do you do each day to create the ideal place and atmosphere of love and acceptance? I am by no means perfect.  I have not yet achieved all that I can imagine.  Isn't it grande?  There is still so much more for me to live and do and experience and it is all up to me!  It's up to you.

  What do you truly desire?  What does it take to get there? Does it require a miracle or just a little bit of daily application?  Which has greater power to create lasting change?  The compound effect of daily application or a big shift in fortunes?  I can assure you that the best windfalls come from consistence belief and effort than by chance.

  Go live life!  I wish you the very best in all of it!  I know that there will be skinned knees and broken hearts.  That which does not kill us makes us stronger and how real it becomes as we live through it, day by day.

  Peace, good fortune and great challenges of worthy rewards to you, my friends.  We are not alone, we are in this big adventure called life together.  I cannot wait to sit down with you and enjoy a meal and some conversation about your adventures.

Billy B


  1. It takes a lot of bravery to simplify to the extreme! I applaud you.

  2. Hi WillBcool, thank for sharing another wonderful thought. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family. Wishing you all the best in 2012. *hugs* to you and family.