Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Passion and purpose.

    Sometime all it takes is good nights rest to help one realize that it is all just perception and that the new day is a complete new opportunity.  The picture above was the drive in today.  What a beautiful morning!

    I have made the recommendation for a book called Everyone's a Coach by Blanchard and Shula.  They make 5 points to follow for effective team building.  I like to think that a family is a team too!

1. Conviction Driven
2. Overlearning
3. Audible ready
4. Consistency
5. Honesty Based

    I do not need to go into all of them even though I do believe that they all apply and are relevant to the family and life in general.  I feel very strongly about #1.

    What is your goal and purpose in life?  Do you have a purpose and are your goals defined?  A lot of this may sound like rhetoric or something that a thousand people have spoken and written about yet, in your life, have you taken the time to decide what your greatest motivating factor is?  

    Do you have something that you are passionate about, have conviction as the utter importance of it?  So much so that you would pursue it, share it and work at it even when the odds, time availability and money all seem to be against it?

    Is there something in your life that is so intertwined with how you see the world that you can not not live life without paying attention to it?  For me, it's the need to create love, balance and presence opportunities for others and hopefully someday, for humanity.  I also have a deep passionate belief in the role of family and would fight many battles for it's protection, encouragement and developing  these family relationships.

   Is your life conviction driven or driven by the winds of drama and everyday nothingness.  That may sound harsh yet, I know from experience that the majority of what we spend our time, efforts and energies on simply do not matter in the grand scheme of things.  The big picture is often eluded and avoided simply because we do not see the unimportance of our daily pre-occupations.

   Do you agree or do you disagree?

   My point here is very simple.  Life is best lived passionately.  The best lives are lives of purpose that is pursued passionately.  Whether that is the purpose of family, art, human value, entertainment, writing, communication, gardening or whatever.  As long as it creates value without ignoring the consequences, how can it be wrong?

   What can I do to help you in living your life with purpose and passion?  If I can, let me know.

   To each and everyone.  I hope you find your passion if you do not know it already and more importantly, I find a way to pursue it with your whole heart!

Love, peace, passion and purpose to you.

Billy B

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