Saturday, December 3, 2011

A dusting of snow

A light snow morning
Dusting dawn
Glorious they meet

   A beautiful light dusting of snow was there to greet me this morning as I let the puppies out for the first time today.  A rare chance to be home right after sun up.  Get to spend some time with my wife today (I do so enjoy the time we get together!)

   I wonder, do we really appreciate the time we get with our loved ones.  There are moments that I would give almost anything to be able create such times over and over again. Perhaps this is why I desire to build my little sailboat so much, it's the thought that having a great little sailboat that will hold the family (and for those times when needed, just me) so that we can pile in and just be together out on the water.  A picnic basket, something to drink and just drift around finding out where the wind wants to go.  The quiet motion of the waves and movement created by wind and surface.  No loud motor to interupt the moment or interlude with nasty smells.

   I would give nearly all the world just to do something that truly matters, helping me to live a purposeful life creating real enduring value for others and humanity while still providing for my family and to provide time with my family for just such things.  A campfire and the smell of smoke on your cloths first thing in the morning. The crisp air and noises of nature as you wake.  Food that might be a little burnt on the outside and a little raw on the inside but, just the way we like it because we share it together.

Small talk of no direction
Laughter floats around
Spending time with family

   I hope that eaxch of us gets to show appreciation to the ones we love and enjoy a moment or two with them not caring about the drama we call everyday life.  In the end, a wise man (Eckart Tolle) said "The world is here to frustrate us, to make us want to move beyond the drama."

   I agree with him, only when we grow tired of the drama that is "normal" can we return to what it is like to be a small child, simple and joyful.  Living each moment as if it is the only thing we have.

   What little activities work best for you to connect with the ones you love?  What makes those moments different for you even if the activity is unimportant?  Does it matter if the moments are planned or spontaneous?

   Peace, love and good times spent in the presence of loved ones for you and yours.

Billy B


  1. Each moment and each breath could be the only thing we have. We have no promise of tomorrow or even of one more heartbeat. I guess we'd better make each moment count. Some of the most fun I have with loved ones is unplanned. My husband and I have had fun on trips when we managed to get lost. It seemed like an adventure.

  2. As I began reading, I got to the line, "Get to spend some time with my wife today," and I thought, its a guy?

    I am a new follower, so please excuse my confusion. Beautiful post though. A good distraction from the anxiety I had coming into the blogosphere. I hope you have enjoyed those precious family moments today.

  3. Thank your for stopping by and reading. I appreciate the comments.

    pinks, I like your blog and am following now.

  4. Such a beautiful post, and very true. We do need to take time out to appreciate what we have in our lives more.

  5. We got a dusting of snow, too! My daughter has been praying for enough snow that she can jump out of her second story window into it. Gosh, I love that girl.

  6. You give me a lot to think about. So many moments are wasted on needless worry about things over which we have no control. Children and dogs...they have it figured out. Perhaps their minds aren't as cluttered and they are able to see things we can't.