Sunday, December 18, 2011



   There are those alone moments that are so critical to our own spirituality.  We need them whether for prayer and reflection or for just creating the quietude required to find our foundations.  Perhaps just to step back from it all and gather some needed perspective.  

   There is also the danger that we may use these quiet times to feed loneliness.  During this time of year, many people due to loss of loved ones, feeling overwhelmed, feelings of inadequacies, loneliness or anything that can attack our perspective as innate parts of the whole, as children of God and members of families and important influences to those around us.  There are those times when anyone of us can lose sight of the sacred nature of our lives.  Remember the purpose of life is a life of purpose.  Moments that we forget these things can be very trying, especially for those who have not yet discovered or realized the true nature of their worth.

   I offer this post as a plea.  A plea for those who we may know that are alone, emotionally or otherwise.  A plea to not forget that it is not about us.  Please do not let any child be alone this Christmas, emotionally or physically, no matter how old they are.  Remember that each one of us is a child, a child of God.  You may find yourself tempted to feel lonely or down,  you will find great joy and company in bringing love and attention to those who need it more than we do.

   When Jesus was invited into the home of Simon the Publican, a sinner came into the his house and washed his feet with ointment and her tears, using only her hair, hands, her tears and lips she washed his feet.  

   "Simon, I have somewhat to say to you."

   He proceeded to lay out before him in just a few words, an image that helped Simon to realize that we can only be thankful for what blessings we realize we have.  When we assume, such as thinking it is an honor just to invite someone into our home, we might over look treating them as an honored guest.  We might forget to make them feel important.

   Let's not forget the ones who are struggling this season.  Those who may be fighting to have enough.  Those who may have plenty in the way of worldly things yet be lacking in spirit or friendship.  Those who might be lacking in company or companionship.  Those who might just be suffocating without enough love.

   I pray that no one will go lonely this Christmas.  I pray that we will be a blessing in disguise to those in need.  I pray for Peace on Earth and Love to all men.

   Who do you know that could use an invite into your home?  Who do you know that needs a hug, some warm company or just a meal and a conversation?  Who do you know that could benefit from sharing their heart and time with another?  You?

   Peace, Love, Companionship and goodwill to you and yours.

Billy B


  1. Beautiful post. Thanks Billy. :)

  2. Hi WillyBCool, Thank you for sharing this beautiful posting. Really appreciate your kind thoughts.
    I went outside to find a friend,
    but could not find one there,
    I went outside to be a friend,
    And friends were everywhere. - By Anon

    Friends are seldom found, they are made.

    Regards to you and family. Have a nice day.

  3. Great thought! I like that one very much. I shall put it to use today. ;D

  4. I love, love, love this. Sharing this plea. For me, its easy to give to those without worldly possesions or riches and great wealth, but it is oh so hard for me to give spiritually and emotionally to those of great wealth. In my flesh, I think, they have all they could ask for plus some, what could they need from me...

    Thank you for sharing this, and I join you in praying that no one is alone and we be given opportunities to bless others.

    <3 Kendra