Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year! ;D

Cold hints things to come
Peppermint fudge and good eats
Shared with those you love

   This time of year seems to really press us.  The time when we should enjoy things the most and spend time with the ones you care most for.  Enjoying time together, favorite foods and traditions.  Saying thanks in your own way to those around you so that they might enjoy the time as well.  To send "I'm thinking of you." to others who have moved far away or letting those who cannot be near know that you love them.

   It's also the time of year when we get tested on things like patience, and time management.  We all get so caught up in preparing for or dealing with and just plain trying to make it to the gatherings themselves.  It can be so easy to over look that the customers are your lifeblood and that family is the why-for.

   This Holiday season, don't forget the real message, brotherly love, thanks giving for the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Celebrating the perfect life he lived as and example for us.  We have to deal with others who have lost sight of the purpose of the season, it does not give us leave to do the same.

   Have you shared some good will today?  Do you have plans to do something of good intent for others and not just party planning?  Are there those less fortunate than us that could use a smile, a helping hand or even a hand out?

   Our brother, Jesus gave us his whole life and energies so that we could find peace in our Father's Kingdom.  Take time to remember that it is not about us, it's about others.  Someone once said "The principle of self aggrandizement is a true principle.  It works only by lifting up another."

   I am so thankful for my family, presence and health.  For the example and sacrifice of our Savior.  For you and everyone who visits my little blog.  I am thankful for all good souls who do their best every day.  May all of your enjoy a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Peace to you and yours, Goodwill towards all the souls of men.   May peace one day reign.  May we all be loved and give love in return.

Billy B


  1. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you too, Brother. As always an uplifting and thoughtful post. Thanks.

  2. Hi WillyBCool, Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. Wish you and family a very Merry Christmas & Happy New year.
    Below message is for you and family.

    God sends us many blessings
    from the heavens up above,
    He gives us peace and gladness
    and the dear ones that we love.

    He cheers us with the shinning sun
    and He makes the flowers grow
    He gives us beautiful rainbows
    and the special faith they show.

    He gives the gift of friendship
    while He teaches us to share
    And He blesses us with special friends
    so we can show how much we care.

    Amelia from Malaysia