Friday, December 2, 2011

Consistency issues.

   It has been suggested that there is a dramatic difference between action and productivity.  I would agree. I would also suggest that the difference is in the details.  Which details though?

   There is a particular book I would recommend to all who would be a leader or motivator. "Everyone's a Coach" by Blanchard and Shula is an exceptional and easy read.  It outlines some very basic principles for doing well with others and should you wish to take it further, principles for leadership and motivation.  One of the principles they discuss is consistency.

   The need to be able to communicate with someone, be it friend, companion or subordinate and know that they already know what to expect from you.  Meaning that when disciplining or being challenged, your character is not in doubt.  They know what you stand for and that you stand by it.

   Let's use an example, we tell our kids to not leave shoes in the front room, we keep on them for one week and not the next three weeks, then we jump all over them about it the next week, would they feel fairly treated?  Have you ever had a boss that seemed to pull decisions out of a hat on subjects that you frequently encountered?  Did you respect their decisions when they behave like this?  Did you respect them and feel willing to go the extra mile for them?  What if you had to approach your boss because protocol dictated that you reported to him and you knew what the answer was going to be versus not knowing how he would react?  Which would be the more productive environment?

   This may seem like something about work, it's not.  The same principles apply to our daily relationships as well.  Are you consistently the same person before all men?  That question is a tuffy.  Because of society's norms, it is considered normal to be different people to different people.  Do we have to be?

   I'm keeping it short today.  I challenge you to look at yourself and the way you interact with others, can you say you are consistent in your behavior?  I'm not here to point fingers, I know that this is something that I need to work on, to be the same before all men means becoming as Christ said, not being a respecter of persons.  IE; all men deserve the same respect and not one over another no matter what their station in life.  Not playing favorites or judging.  Wow, hard I know.

   Here is my challenge, instead of looking at others and noticing the inconsistencies or judgments in them, see if you can catch them in yourself and prevent them from making it to the surface.  Perhaps you will find that someone you know is in need of your acceptance more than you ever imagined.

   Peace, freedom of heart and a great day to you and yours!

Billy B


  1. Being the same with everyone is a tough one that's for sure. I find myself treating some people with kid gloves either because they are quick to fly off the handle or because they are too sensitive. This is something we all need to work on.

  2. Consistency is difficult. I am consistent in some things, like honesty, but then there are other areas where I seriously lack.

    I currently live in a culture that is not what I was raised with. I live here now, I am accepting it,but there are many strange and different things. Not all of them good,not all bad either.It has taught me vast lessons in being non-judgmental. (I didn't think I was terribly judgmental, but when you find yourself working at not judging, you figure maybe...)

    Here I am the minority in so many diverse ways. Those are interesting shoes to walk in. Everyone should try it for at least a day. It has certainly broadened my horizons.