Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Everything in life worth doing is messy

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   They tell me there is a time and place for everything.  Today is the time and the place is now.  When you woke up, did you you find yourself somewhere other than where you were?  Seems like a silly question yet, it does happen.  When I woke up yesterday, I was already at work even though my body hadn't left yet.

   This time of year seems to create the most wonderful opportunities to learn.  Often times it is because of perspective changes, wanted or unwanted.  This has proven to be the busiest Christmas that I can remember.

   Colette (the pretty and charming half of this marriage) and I bought a business earlier this year that she had already been managing for a while.  We did it because the business was not going to stay around if we didn't buy it.  The owner was older and her health was failing.  We believed in the cause of what this business brings to the community and what it does for the members (it's a gym for women).  A place where women can go to get fit and do something for themselves without judgement and pressure to be anyone other than who they are.  It brings great blessings to them and my lovely wife as she fills her role as their friend, coach an listening post.  We knew it would be work.  We did not expect it to be so much emotional work.

   One of my favorite funny quotes is "Everything in life worth doing is messy."  No clue who said it, just that it is definitely true!

   My message today is; When doing something that you know is right, do not seek the reward, seek only to do what is right and the rewards with mete themselves.  Those rewards will be much more to you than the ones you thought you would receive.  What you thought would be there and what you receive will most likely be much different.

   It's like praying.  You go in looking for one thing and most often receive something completely different because of the bigger picture that has not yet come into view.

   Presence is like that as well.  Learning to be present versus being present.  Silly to say, it's like relearning to be a child and once there, we cannot imagine why it took so much effort and focus. ;D

   Today, all I ask is that you take a moment to smile, feel the breeze on your face and notice that you are wherever you are. And for just a moment appreciate the life that is you.

   Do you find that you are most often in your head, somewhere other than where you actually are?  Does it effect your ability to deal with the moment.  You are the most valuable person in your life. Do you give yourself the presence that you deserve?

   Peace, presence and love be yours.  I respect you, you can too!

Billy B


  1. Wow, Thank you for this today. It is what I needed to read. :) I agree that anything really worth doing is messy.

  2. Life is messy, and dangerous and heartbreaking and complicated and wonderful and fulfilling and joyous.

    Living in the present isn't always easy, but ultimately worth it.


  3. Thank you folks. You are awesome! ;D

  4. Always such an inspiring post... wise words to live by honestly. "When doing something that you know is right, do not seek the reward" - SO VERY TRUE. God Bless~

  5. Hi WllyBcool, thanks for sharing another beautiful thought. Agree with your quote "everything in life worth doing is messy".
    I do personally encounter many rewards return to me and much more than I expected. I help the needed on regular basic and previously do social work when I was in nursing line, I do not seek rewards but it just naturally return in other ways. I'm very grateful for that.
    Have a nice day.

  6. Beautiful post, Wily.

    Have a safe and happy holiday season.