Monday, January 2, 2012

Good morning!

   Hello and Good Morning! I have been so tied up with work, the Holidays and such that I have not had time to be around very much and I have missed the engagement I get from all of my blogger friends.

   Life is grande!  The picture up above was from the drive into work on Friday last week.  I did get the chance, this weekend, to sit and ponder, to meditate over the activities, the happenings and the cumulative total experience called 2011.

   Wow! What a year. As I sat and considered the whole of the year,  I wondered "What have I learned that will assist me in greater presence and capacity this new year?"  Many things came to mind, however somethings struck me with more significance than others.

   One.  I feel that it is very important that I develop a schedule that will allow me to be online and attend to my blog entries consistently.  It has become important to me and I feel that I have let those of you who follow it down over the last month.  Also, that it is important to read many of the blogs that I now follow for the insights they grant me.

   Two.  I realized that one of my greatest limiting factors is still with me and it is time to move beyond it.  As a young person, my interpersonal skills and people skills in general were very weak at best.  I had a vocabulary, reading and comprehension levels that were ahead of the curve for my age however, I just could not mingle with others very well.  I have gotten better.  I communicate well, I make friends easily.  I do care without exception for the well being of humanity.  I still and always will have my short comings when it comes to working with the people I encounter.  Yet, I have overcome my basic inability to make real connections.  Time to let the insecurity of past experiences go.  It needs no more credence in my self image.

   Three.  I go around saying it, I put it up on Twitter and on Facebook, I write about it in my blog "The best opportunity you have it today."  Time to simply live it as if there is no other reality.  By being present as much as I possibly can be this new and fabulous year, there will be no time to have regrets or misgivings about what is or was accomplished, overlooked or even misunderstood.  Presence is the greatest way to interact with life, the world and others around you. ;D

   Lastly, I have made great friends through the world of blogging and enjoy the insights I get from them and their writings.  The opportunity to see things from their perspective and to enjoy the great fiction, the view points and experience the emotions that they invest into their communications thrill me and give me hope to live just a little bit more each and every day!

   Life is about living.  It's about living as much as you can with the time and relationships that you have.  I am excited about this new year.  I believe with my whole heart that great and marvelous things are coming for all of us.  That this year will test the metal of mankind and try the souls of those who will not consider that life is not all about them.

   Have you made a commitment to living life?  What is the greatest limiting factor in your belief system that prevents you from getting out and really living?  Does this limiting belief prevent you from enjoying what already is? Is there anything in your beliefs that you would change? Why does it hold you back?  Can you live without fear if you don't?

   The greatest gift that we are giving is free will.  This gift allows us to change not just our minds, also our mindset, our beliefs and our perspectives.  We can chose to have filters that alter reality to what we want to believe or we can experience it all if well will let go of limiting beliefs.  It's our choice and no one else can do it for us.  Only we can.

   Peace, love, friendship and marvelous interaction to you all!  I wish grace, joy and greater horizons to your souls, your perspectives and your relationships.

Billy B

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  1. A happy and blessed New Year, Billy, to you and your loved ones!

    This is a lovely post. You've said it all beautifully. May God continue to bless you in your writing or blogging as you inspire others to live their lives fully by God's design.