Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tactile Presence

Moments hang and pause
Time moves as if expressing it's own will
Ignoring any man-made notions or expectations

Moving as to mete some distant changing metronome
Knowing only that this moment has some definable weight and carry
Following a course only seen by the currents of fate

Immerse yourself and bath in the denseness of it all
Breath the very ether of it's air and taste the many changes
Smile and feel it tingle the surface of your skin

Can you sense the stirrings of your soul
Does it move you and separate your states
Is it this the goal to seek or just a step

Moments move and have viscous tension
Pulling and tugging at your core
When presence is applied like careful polish

Attention given here and tactile senses brought to bare
Allowing each grain and texture to feel on surface and below
Showing in all it's marvel the very moment that you are

Billy B