Friday, January 13, 2012

The Space Inside.

  A couple of pics from the drive in this morning.

   I hope you enjoy the view as much as I did.

   It's time to put a little fiction out there for your reading pleasure.  I have so far with held due to a feeling that I was just to rusty, however I feel very confident that I can communicate the spirit of my intentions through fiction as well as my blabberings.... ;D

The space inside.

   Marta was smiling and had a deep look of satisfaction on her face.  The other kids in the room didn't seem to notice or even care.  This was not all that uncommon or unusual for them to take no notice of her.  However, things were different today.  At least for Marta.

   When she got up this morning, she could feel the difference.  There was a distinct lull in the background noise levels.  Not the hustle and bustle of her four siblings. It was the noises that seems to fill up all the spaces inside her.  Now, instead, there was....  quiet.  It was different and at first, almost disturbing yet nothing to be off quilter about.

   What had changed?  She didn't normally feel this way, yet somehow everything had changed and there seems to be no need to be any different. She had noticed that the other members of her class were not pointing out the fact that she was taller and much, much darker than anyone else in the room.  "How long had that been going on?" She asked herself.

   Marta and her family were from the Reunion Islands and had moved to this city in Idaho because of her dad's job.  Being almost a head taller than anyone else in the class and having very dark skin compared to everyone around her created a lot of attention when they first arrived.  It had gotten under her skin the way a bad mood does they looked at her and even when they asked what was different about her family and where they came from.  Why had it bothered her so much?  Why didn't it now?  It wasn't like this in La Reunion.

   Normally, she thought, she would be complaining about the cold.  There was no snow or winter in the Reunions.  There wasn't smog or real traffic that she remembered. This part of Idaho didn't have active volcanoes or much in the way of tropical plant life either. Of course, she still missed the ocean but, even that did not seem to be attached to any emotion.  She wondered, why the sudden change and did it really have anything to do with her and her dad's conversation last night.

   "Marta, dere is no need to be upset wid udders when dey speak about differences."  His strong Creole accent is very soothing to listen to. Kind of like the way pudding is thick, his voice carried weight and was still pleasant to hear.  "Marta, you are an island beauty and dey are curious about what makes you so striking!  Your peace is wid in you.  Only you can give it away.  Dey cannot take it from you." His words made her feel like the winter outside the house didn't really exist.  "You will find dat dey are probably more curious den dey are mean.  Do not take it personal.  You will find dat dey will like you if you like you."

   "Yes, Papa." She offered.

   "Besides, you might find dat what you tink is happening is not what dey mean.  Listen wid your heart and not your worries."  His wide smile was like a fresh coconut when you open it.  Full of good things that you had been waiting for.

   "There isn't anything that feels wrong about me."

   "Did you say something?" Mrs. Admonson asked.

   "No. M'am." Marta said with a smile.


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