Saturday, January 28, 2012

   There are mornings that everything in creation is right and ripe for celebration! There are mornings you feel there is a grievance looking for a cause and then there are days that just are.  They exist and flow, uninterrupted without challenge or fanfare. For some reason these particular days are the ones that bring the greatest form of peace. Some tangible serenity that hold the moment is cradled arms.  It's as if there is no struggle and no need for strife.

   I would love to find the key to constructing such days.  Much more of what needs to be done seems to get done and should it not be completed there is no grief.  It just is as it is.

   Carrying such energy and flow, giving it momentum to perpetuate into the next day seems the biggest challenge.  I have found myself at the end of such days pondering and marveling at the glory of things, the beauty of life, the universe and everything, yet knowing that tomorrow will somehow return to the typical.  Feeling as if I should be sorrowful that it will not be the same the next morn.  And still, no sadness because of the peace of this day.

  To live life as an integral functioning part of the whole.  Co-creator and co-participant without struggle and no sense of separateness.  No individual against the world, no world against me.  The day in all of it's glory.  The glory of what is.

  Do you know such days?  How do they impact the quality of life as a whole?  Does it require being still on an internal level?  Is it more a state of being or a state of affairs?  Do you relish such days or do you sit in awe of what has happened wondering why or how?

  Peace be yours.  Your companion, your guide, your follower.  May you be the one to introduce this fine fellow to others today.

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Billy B



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I do relish those days of peace and serenity, but I have learned that not all chaos is bad. That, too, just is and sometimes it can force us to snap to and do great things.

  2. Yes, I ignored that fact of balance. To have one you must have it's opposite. I do like the feel of this entry. Thank you for your comment. ;D

  3. I relish those kinds of days and long for more of them. It is so true that some days everything falls into place and are productive without feeling rushed, with a sense of peace overshadowing and permeating all. I too wonder if it's more about our mindset or circumstances...not sure. I'd love to figure it out though. Something to think about, Thanks. :)

  4. Beautifully written. I treasure days without struggle. I can be too passive though, and have had to learn when it is worthwhile to engage in a struggle of sorts. Still, I find it wearing, and overall prefer peaceful days.

  5. This ia beautiful. I treaure those days because they are so seldom.

  6. Those days are a joy.

  7. Those are good days. By the way, I gave you an award over on my blog.