Sunday, January 22, 2012

Letting Go.

   "I have always had a dread of becoming a passenger in life."
Princess Margaret

   Living is the miracle that happens when you let go of what should or shouldn't be.

   As I woke up this morning there was present this overall sense of gratitude, of living.  Before going to bed, I took time to go through one of my meditations where I let go of things.  I let go of being the judge or jury to my life.  By taking time to let go of any concepts of what should or shouldn't be.  Once you take on the role of judge or jury for your life, you let go of the reins and become a passenger.

   "I don't want to be a passenger in my own life."
Diane Ackerman

   When you let go, let go of mental constructs, opinions on, ideas and ideals of what life should be your are fee to be a participant.  Free to live.  Living is that thing that happens by accepting, loving, making friends with what is, yourself as you are and all people things and events that make up today.  I am not depreciating that people can act in ways that have not merit or constructive purpose.  I am saying that true critical thinking is the ability to be part of life in all of it's gore and glory!  

   When you participate without making it about yourself, anyone or anything you free your energies and faculties to be a totally immersed participant.  

   How marvelous life is!!!  How am I such a lucky man to be able to wake up next to someone who loves me and accepts me in all of my eccentricities?  Life is not fair, I could never repay the blessings I have received.  I have the most glorious opportunity each day I wake!  To have wonderful relations with each one of my children.  To know and love so many!  Be they friends, strangers or family.  I realize now that fear comes because I expect things to be a certain way and have not let go of outcomes.  I have not let go of personal investment in what should or should not be.  

   I let go.  I let go of expectation.  I let go of any need to find me in any of it.  I accept life as it is.  I accept that I am and I am whole.  No one or anything can complete me or make me more or less than I am.  Only this way can I be fully immersed in the joy and adventure that is!!!  Only then can I truly experience gratitude on such a grande scale.  I am thankful for being allowed to be part of it. For being here, now and for having the right to experience joy, sadness, love, anger and to be allowed to grow tired of the frustration of not finding me in any of it because I already am here.  No need to look for me.  By looking I overlook what is.

   Have you ever had moments when life becomes so clear that the true miracle of it all overwhelms you?  Has love, the immensity of it, every brought you to your knees?  Have you ever been truly speechless by gratitude?

   May the glory of this day bring you to your knees.  May you show unabashed love for those around you today.  May fear fall away from you as you become the greatest, loudest and most involved participant in your life!  May you give this feeling, this presence you have the lasting power to hold you in such glory and joy throughout the rest of your days!  By so doing, there will be no greater legacy that anyone could pass on than a life well lived.

Peace, love and gratitude to you and yours.

Billy B.
"I confess I've never felt like a passenger."
Roger Waters